Animal Photo –

The challenge was to find an animal during this week and shoot the best photo that you can.  The limitations were many – time, weather and opportunity.  Besides not having pets any longer.  But — that’s the challenge, and that’s what makes us better photographers, getting out there and finding what we want to shoot!

I went to a kid’s zoo nearby and photographed the few animals that were walking around.  Some of the most fun to shoot were the raccoons, with their robber-mask eyes, but I just could not find a vantage point that worked with the fake-looking background.   I was hoping for a more natural look.

The photo I chose to submit also has an unnatural background, however, a white barn fence doesn’t scream “ZOO” as loudly as black plastic buckets full of food like the raccoons had.

I liked the backlight on the animal, and the touch of dark red of the barn behind him helped to tell a story of “farm” rather than “zoo”.  At least I hope so.  🙂  wendy_dunne_animal

Thanks for stopping by my photo blog; all comments welcome!



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