Freeze the Action

Freeze the Action –

This week we took on the challenge of stopping action or movement. This is best done by using a FAST shutter speed, which can capture things like water droplets in the air, or someone running through the air without any blur.  Flash also helps freeze motion, and I’ve been wanting to try something like this.  I knew this was the time!

Off-camera studio flash is a little intimidating to me, but I decided to dive in and GET this!  I struggled at first using the flash to help stop the action of sprinkling powdered sugar.  Not my very best photo, but I learned a ton this week about both camera and flash settings…first by trial and error during my shoot.  After this photo was posted in 52Frames (the weekly photography challenge), I got a lot more help from the other challengers who critiqued the scene for me.

I think I might have it for next time, now I just need to practice – !


Thanks for stopping by my photo blog; all comments welcome!


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