Breaking the Rules

Breaking Photography Rules –

There’s certain rules, or guidelines, that we learn when we first start out in photography.  Shoot using the rule of thirds, don’t place the subject dead center in the frame, make sure your horizon is straight, don’t split an image into halves unless it’s perfectly symmetrical…on and on.  After we learn all the rules, then in order to help find our creative style, we learn how to break them intentionally and with purpose.   And that’s what this week’s very inspiring challenge was all about.

We were to abandon the conventional rules of photography this week.  Make a photo out of focus?  Use improper exposure?

What I chose to do this week to stretch my creative thinking, was to shoot a regular ol’, normal pedestrian walkway under the railroad train tracks here in town.  Where I would normally frame a tunnel very symmetrically, with the walkway right down the center as a leading line, I tilted the frame a bit and gave it some obvious distortion.

I also shot at a very high ISO of 6400, intentionally adding noise to the image.  I purposefully shot this with intent to convert to black and white.  Even at the high ISO, I still needed to add more noise to my photo in post-processing to get the gritty, raw and stark feel that I was going for.

So my two rules broken purposefully are….wait for it….

  1. Asymmetrical balance to a typical symmetrical subject
  2. Instead of avoiding noise in the photo, I embraced it and made it part of the image, enhancing the gritty look.

Thanks for stopping by my photo blog, all comments are appreciated!



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