Capture Your Personality

Capture Your Personality –

Harder than it seems at first….I thought it it would be simple to do a self-portrait with some object in my hand portraying what I like, or show a hobby, or who I’m married to, or a picture of my family.   But no, that wasn’t the idea for this challenge. It was not to show what we DO, it was to show who we ARE.  We were to try and capture a “sense” of ourselves in a photograph, a piece of our own personality.  Abstract or literal, however we wish to convey it.

After pondering it for a while, I suddenly recalled a recent conversation with a good friend about me being a homebody.  We were discussing the best time of day to go work out, and I was telling her that I don’t want to go the gym after work, because I just want to GO HOME.  I love going home.  I love being home.   She laughed kindly and said “you’ve always been a homebody”.   True enough.

I travel a lot, I go see friends and family frequently, and I’m out and about constantly.   But isn’t there just … something … about going home….

So, I borrowed an iconic Wizard of Oz reference to show a small piece of my personality.  Remember when Dorothy clicks her ruby red slippers together three times, and says “there’s no place like home” and she is magically transported back to Kansas.  Finally home.

I thought the traditional red shoes needing some glamming up with some high heels and shiny sequins.  So a peek inside my personality would tell you “homebody, with a bit of style”.  🙂


Thanks for stopping by my photo blog!


2 thoughts on “Capture Your Personality

    1. Of course you do! Hahah, we are so much alike it makes me laugh 🙂 I am not an abstract “thinker” so this was actually pretty hard for me. I would be more inclined to take a picture of myself holding a camera and call it a day… what do you think YOU would do??

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