Architecture / Church

Architecture / Church

The most interesting architecture seems to be either extremely old and deteriorating, or very new and modern.   In Europe, I’ve seen some amazingly old structures that are truly photo-worthy with incredible architectural details.  Here in the US, of course, we don’t have buildings that old or interesting yet.  And I live in an area that is not very modern and new.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t interesting buildings here in suburban Chicago!  If I had had time to go downtown Chicago, that would have made this challenge a little easier, but part of a weekly challenge is understanding your limitations during that week, and still getting the best photo you can make.

I went for the “quaint” aspect on my church architecture shot this week.  Just down the street from my house is one of the oldest buildings in the area, the Maple Street Chapel built in 1870.  It’s had a variety of updates and repairs over the years, and it looks again like it could use some further repair.  But it’s a beautiful little chapel right in the heart of our little downtown area that lights up this intersection at night beautifully.


I converted this photo to black and white after shooting it during the “blue hour”, which created a nice black-looking sky.  I love the drama of the black sky, and the little slice of life you can see from the street corner.  I’ve walked past this building many times, and was intrigued that I’ve never noticed how crooked the smallest tower is in the front.  It actually gives the illusion that the photo itself is leaning and off-balance, but its technically straight overall.  The trees on the side framed the building nicely, I thought, and the shadows from trees out of the frames gave some texture and interest to the side of the building.

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