Fire!   There are choices to make when photographing fire…. is the fire itself the main subject?  Or possibly just a part of the photo, where fire is secondary and there is a completely different main subject?   Is the fire the primary light source; or do you have to illuminate a secondary subject with other light?

I decided to use fire as an accent to my subject, instead of fire itself being the focus.  Just one element of a larger scene.  I’ve incorporated a food-story to my “fire” challenge.  I put some steak and vegetable skewers together, purposefully selecting vibrant yellow, green and red veggies along with big chunks of steak; and my husband started grilling them for me while I stood on a stool and got some shots.    I shot this during the daylight in order to give the food some natural light, balancing the extreme brightness of the flames.

You hungry yet??


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