Numbers – Odd Groups

This week, we are practicing a composition rule that helps create interest in your image.  Images seem to be more visually appealing when there is an odd number of subjects.  I did a little research on why that is, and I cannot even pretend to understand how it really works, but I do buy into the theory that, when there is an odd number of subjects, there is normally a center to focus your eye on…a balance to the overall image.

Just like all composition rules, it’s not really a “rule”, but rather one idea of what may work for that particular image.  I do tend to put 3’s and 5’s of things in my frame, especially with food.  I tend to either have 1 serving, or 3, or 5.  But 2 sometimes works, also, if I’m trying to portray a couple about to sit down to a nice dinner perhaps, or a dinner party for 4.  Five wouldn’t work for that.

The way I see it, it’s one of the rules to think about, and determine if it works for that image.  With my strawberry shortcake below, I believe it does work …. 3 cakes with berries and whipped cream, 3 forks, and 5 whole strawberries as a leading line.  Let me know what you think.  Thanks for stopping by my photo blog.

Strawberry Shortcakes


3 thoughts on “Numbers – Odd Groups

  1. I understand this “rule of odds”. Wow Wendy, I love how you portray art through your photos! You have an amazing gift for photography! And you’re making me hungry!!! I hope you got to enjoy the pleasure of eating this amazing dessert!

  2. Well, thank you so much Marcy! Oddly, the dessert wasn’t even that good, the cakes were dry and the berries not quite ready 🙂 But it sure photographed well. Thanks for your comment!!

  3. Too bad on that it didn’t taste good because it sure looked pleasing to the eye! Again, I love your eye for photography!

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