Some weeks, the photo challenge is for a specific technical assignment to help learn a new skill, or put a new spin on an old one.  Other weeks, the goal of a photo challenge is to help develop our own personal voice as a photographer.  This is one of those weeks.

With a theme like “unusual”, the challenge is our own to interpret any way we like.  It could be an unusual way of taking a photo, or an unusual subject.  The main goal of this exercise is to push ourselves to see the world through our own unique eyes.

My thought process was to “create” an unusual photo using post-processing techniques that I’d like to improve on.  I took an ordinary photo at a favorite local park, leaving enough room in the composition for an additional “burning” sun in the upper right corner, to be added later in post processing.


“UNUSUAL” to see the sun so close to the earth…yes?  🙂

I wanted the scene to look somewhat realistic, but not completely, so I left natural colors and deep contrast in the garden, darkened the sky to a very saturated and moody color, then added an overlay of a burning sun.  To bring the elements together, I brightened the tops of the wildflowers to portray a bright path of light from the burning sun.

Thanks for stopping by my photo blog, all comments welcome!


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