Outdoor Architecture / Light Source

The challenge was to pay close attention to my light source for my architecture shot this week.  To not take for granted what light I was using, but rather to look for it and use it at the right moment for my specific image, whether it’s the sun or an artificial source of light at night.  To use the light to help tell the story of the photo. My plan was to show strong and glaring sunlight, displaying deep shadows, as my light source on this university stadium.  DSC_5378-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit-EditIt was early evening, and I placed myself directly in front of this side of the stadium building and waited until the shadows of the black railings were very visible on the brick wall behind them. I then took several shots of people walking up or down the ramps.  I was very patient, and actually waited until just the “right” group of girls placed themselves in the bottom third of my viewfinder; and took several shots of them walking.   My thought was that adding people gave a sense of scale,and also lent strength to the overall composition. I really wanted to get full walking motion; portraying a small group of three interacting with each other as they walked out.

Lastly, in post production I boosted the shadows and highlights to emphasize them both; further developing my story.   Thanks for stopping by my photo blog– all comments are welcome!


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