In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Muse.”

I never really thought about having a muse, a creative inspiration for my photography.  Not consciously, at least.  This theme prompted me to think about it, and I realized immediately that I am at my most peaceful and happy creative place, when photographing sunsets.

A cliche?  Perhaps.   But what I know is that I absolutely MUST photograph a beautiful sunset.  It almost pains me when I see a gorgeous sunset and I’m not in a position to shoot it.  So, if I ask myself the question, “what is my creative inspiration”?   For me, the answer may be that sunsets actually have inspired me to “see”.  Before photography entered my world, my creative side was pretty lame, unused, certainly not tapped into in any way.  Once I entered the world of photography, the first thing I started to see differently, was the sky.  Over mountains, in between high-rises, over water, over prairies, even an everyday glimpse in between the houses on my block.  The sunrise, the puffy white clouds, the threatening storm clouds, the striking blue vastness of a cloudless sky, and especially — the sunsets.  I started to photograph them all…..some are good and some aren’t.  But besides the quality of my earlier photos, sunsets in particular have drawn me in such a way that is irresistible to me.

Once I find my place with the view, and have set up the tripod and camera settings, I just keep firing that shutter with my remote — knowing I will have good shots — and I just sit back, relax and enjoy the show for a little while.

Nature at its most astounding.   I am not creating this beauty; I am merely inspired to capture it.  This particular shot was taken a couple of days ago in Northern Wisconsin, USA, up on a hill overlooking Lake Michigan.

DSC_5088-EditThanks for stopping by my photo blog.  All comments are appreciated.


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