Negative Space

I find negative space very appealing in a photo.  It’s actually harder to find than you’d think, though.  We live around so much “stuff” that shooting with a minimalist feel becomes a real search for the right place.

I decided this week to create my own negative space, in my own little studio downstairs.   I set up my studio light as a backlight behind a table, set a sunflower on the table in front of the light, and used my 90mm macro lens and a stool to shoot for just the right angle.

I adjusted the rotation of the frame in post-production, making sure the flower petals were off center and rotated just a bit to the corner, I then added a yellow-orange gradient to give just a sense of sunlight; a feel for sunlight; something that the flower was reaching toward.  I didn’t want a real sky, or even a realistic sky,  as I only wanted a big space that is only …. well … space.  Nothing else.  A space intended to have the viewer scroll down to the bottom to see what’s there.   Below is my submission for “negative space”.

wendydunnesunflowerI shot something similar about two years ago with an artificial flower, one that was perfectly centered on the bottom part of the frame.  I remember thinking I wanted to try it again some day with a real sunflower, at a more interesting angle, and here it is!

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