The specific question was “what mode of transportation inspires you?”

Admittedly, I am uninspired by most modes of transportation.  I don’t really ENJOY flying, but I fly.  I don’t really ENJOY driving, but I drive.  Same with trains, buses etc.  And I’m a person who feels absolutely tortured when its time to shop for a new car.

There is one thing I’ve always loved to look at though…and that is beautiful classic cars with colors we don’t see anymore.  It’s absolutely and definitely the colors that pull me in. You will notice in this blog post there is no mention of engine, wheels, body style or horse power.  I am not mechanically inclined, nor am I particularly interested in the car itself.  Unless there’s a sign on the windshield, my husband has to tell me what year the car was manufactured.   But I am very drawn to the colors, the shapes and sizes,  and all the reflections and shine of some of the classic cars.  All around me, there is ‘under-the-hood’ envy going on, and then there’s me.  YES…I am that person at the car show who squeals “ooohh!!  look at that GORGEOUS aqua / teal / turquoise / baby blue!!”

Off we went to a classic car show in a nearby town last weekend.  My specific plan was to capture the length of an old car, using my wide-angle lens, getting in close to make the car appear very long.  That’s the type of car I someday want to actually drive.  Just don’t ask me to park it…I just want to drive it and then stop it, and then get out.  🙂    At this show, the blue Studebakers stole the show for me.


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