Architecture / Signage

I visited my daughter this weekend in South Bend, Indiana.   We had such a wonderful time just being mother and daughter for a little while this weekend…shopping, eating, drinking wine and talking until late into the night.

This morning I checked the weekly theme and when I read “Signage” to her, she had an immediate idea to drive over to Notre Dame University and find some great signs there.  I took a few other photos, but was very happy with the themed photo, below.  I wouldn’t have known it was there if not for her idea.

DSC_4924-EditEngraved deep into the stone of the side door of the Basilica of Sacred Heart at Notre Dame, are the words that represent the university’s way of life – “God, Country and Notre Dame” – a phrase that weaves together the school’s spiritual and patriotic elements.

A few others from this morning’s (very warm and humid, but thoroughly enjoyable) campus walk:

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