The idea of this photo challenge is to focus on your focus this week.  To be purposeful and selective in deciding what to focus on, and what not to focus on.  Sometimes we want everything in focus in the frame, and sometimes we want only a small sliver of the frame in focus.  Depends what you want to draw attention to, what you want the viewer to look at first.

This week, I chose a pretty purple flower, a pansy maybe (not good with flower names) from the hanging basket on my front porch, knowing that purple compliments the green background of the bushes very well.  It was about 6:30 pm with the sun starting to sink, giving some amazing backlight to this image.

My choice was to only put sharp focus on the stem, particularly on the backlit hairs of the stem, and not on the flower itself.  The out-of-focus flower in this image is secondary to the hairy stem, which is lit up nicely by the sun.  And if I were to be even more specific, I’d say there is ONE hair on the left side of the stem that is much longer than the others, and that is in the sharpest focus of all.  🙂  Now you know.

DSC_4868-Edit-Edit-EditMy camera lens was very close to the flower, and the bushes in the back were farther away, so an aperture of f/5.6 gave me some great bokeh and blur.   Thanks for stopping by my photo blog, all comments are most welcome!


4 thoughts on “Focus

  1. I believe this is a pretty purple petunia! You really took advantage the natural lighting to capture the details of that stem. Just curious…..what lens did you use? Do you shoot RAW? The purple is so vibrant and, even though you focused in the stem, there is still interesting detail on the flower.

    1. Of course petunia, lol. I can not keep flowers straight, if it’s not a tulip, daisy or rose, then I really don’t know, lol😁yes I shot only in raw to help me draw out all the shadows and highlights that I want. This was my Tamron 90mm macro. I have gotten some great feedback in a photo group to be sure to have the front part of the flower in focus, so next time I would move myself so the stem is in front and the flower a bit behind that. Thanks karen!

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