What could be more hostile than an army tank amongst the daffodils?  Either hostile, or protective!  Either way, it is a little surprising to see tanks in a beautiful garden.  Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois has a wonderful display of real tanks scattered throughout this interesting and beautiful park.  These tanks were used anytime from World War I all the way to Desert Storm.


I created this photo from a very low vantage point to disguise the playground-type ground cover around the tank, and to hide some signs.  I chose to highlight the daffodils in the foreground, right in front of the tank, giving the photo a sense of incompatibility and contrast.

It was bright out while I was there, and though a setting sun would have helped the lighting tremendously, the park was closing before that.  It was also very colorful, many shades of green, not exactly the mood I was trying to convey in my photo.  I tried several types of black and white conversions; and they all seemed too drab and boring, so I used a black and white Infrared preset and played with the adjustments.  I thought the Infrared appearance (where foliage looks white) helped jazz up the contrast and lent some interest to the otherwise completely green image.

I’ve been wanting to pay this historical nature park a visit, and this theme gave me just the push I needed.  The website for Cantigny Park if you are interested is .

Thanks for stopping by my photo blog.


2 thoughts on “Hostile

  1. I am glad you made the trek to Cantigny Park. I visited the park for the first time in March and made a return trip in May with my wife. The gardens were a little past prime for the spring flowers and not quite ready for the early summer flowers. We both enjoyed the tour of the McCormick mansion and wondering of the grounds. We also made our way to the First Division Musuem. My wife very impressed with the walking history thru the building. I love the photo. The white of the foliage really makes the tank stand out and draws my eye to the dark area of the photo.

  2. I love Cantigny! And I didn’t realize after 5:00 it’s only $2 to get in, so in the summer after work it’s a really nice place to see gorgeous light to photograph in. Thanks for the lovely comment.

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