Architecture / Stairway

At first, I wished I was back in Ireland or Scotland, heading out on some great adventure, exploring old castles and cathedrals, and finding that perfect, interesting, historic stairway to photograph.  I have many photos that would fit this description perfectly, but the object of a weekly photo challenge is to “keep shooting” – given all the limitations within a certain week, including location.

Given that I’m in suburban Chicago, I had to change my historical castle plan pretty quickly 🙂

Some of my family might recognize this stairway from the Renaissance Hotel where my niece got married.  I thought this beautiful setting was perfect for their wedding portraits; with these steps lending a gorgeous backdrop to the wedding party.

From a photographer standpoint, I noticed the all-around windows, open glass ceiling, and the soft, diffused light in the lobby that resulted.   I remember thinking I’d like to go back sometime and photograph this lobby from an architectural viewpoint.

I focused on showing the detail of the steps in-camera.   In post-processing, I added pops of cool color to the aqua windows and green trees, for added compliment to the warmer tones of the marble.  Luckily, the day I went was bright but overcast, which I think helped keep reflections from overwhelming the photo.

DSC_4337-Edit-EditAny comments welcome.  Thanks for stopping by my photo blog!



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