Outdoor Photography / Mother Nature

A natural spring-time event, birds building nests and laying eggs.   The interesting thing about this one, is that it’s been done on my front porch post.   I can stand at my front door and see all the comings and goings of the occupants of this little nest that’s perched precariously on top of a wood post.


Mama has not left the nest for more than a minute at a time in the last few days, but we peeked inside quickly, using a mirror, while she was gone, and there are 3 little blue eggs in the nest.

This is not the first time birds have built a nest right here in this very same spot.  Isn’t it amazing that a bird knows exactly what will work, and what won’t?  This spot is high enough up so squirrels definitely cannot get there.  While it looks off-balance to us, there are 2 nails in the post towards the front, that seem to be keeping the nest from falling down.

Last year, we watched the parents gather food and come back to feed the babies, with their little mouths open wide, crying.  We never did get to see them fly away, just …. one day they were gone.  We waiting around for a while but they had their own life to live, so with a touch of melancholy, we cleaned up the bird nest and hoped we’d see it again.  And here it is.

A daily close-up look at Mother Nature.


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