I was originally planning to shoot one of the pretty garden paths at Lilac Park at sunset, backlit and hopefully with some haze.   But when I saw we had fog, I quickly changed my mind and grabbed the camera – heading for the park!

I’ve read that shooting with fog or haze is like shooting with a giant softbox as your light source.   I planned ahead for a shallow depth of field, knowing the background highlights were going to be blown out with the bright negative space of fog.   I was able to pay more attention to my foreground and what was alongside the path.

An additional benefit that I’ve not noticed before, is that the fog creates an enveloping sense of quiet.  You feel alone, even if you’re not.  There were plenty of commuters walking through the park on the way to the train station, but the fog lends a sense of isolation and quiet, and you feel like people should whisper.  You really notice what’s right in front of you, because you can’t easily see any farther than that!

Once lilacs and tulips are in bloom, you’ll find me outside with my camera most days.  For today, once the sun started breaking through the fog, I was done.


I took many shots in the fog, and some of them had more color than others.  Some of my favorites were “off the path” and really show what appears to be a barren stretch of land.  In the below photo, right behind that foggy row of trees is a baseball field, and off to the right is a row of houses.  The fog really covers up the objects you don’t want to show.


Thanks for stopping by my photo blog!


2 thoughts on “Path

  1. These are very beautiful photos. I have loved your photos from the past when they low contrast and soft. I am so glad to see the flowers are in full bloom in the Chicago area. On Mothers Day, My wife and I are going to be visiting Cantingy Park. I enjoyed the park a few months ago when the snow still covered the ground. Can’t wait to see it in full color. Hope the rain holds off for the day!

  2. Thanks! I also enjoy the lower contrast, soft light photos. If you have time after Cantigny Park, stop by Lilacia Park in Lombard, just a few miles away. If you enjoy lilacs and tulips, you will be astonished at this park! Thanks for your comment.

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