Every day at 5:00, my mom and dad would have their cocktails.  Dad’s drink of choice was a “shot and a beer”.  He’d say it was time to wet his whistle — every day for years and years.  Mom drank Manhattans, but every now and then she’d surprise us by asking for a glass of wine.  I never believed she actually liked wine, but that’s what my husband and I like, so she wanted to like it.  She even kept a bottle of wine at her house for when we went over there.  She was not confident in choosing a wine, but she really tried, and we appreciated her thought so much!

I looked online for the phrase “wet your whistle” and one of its meanings is “to have an alcoholic drink” —  I always thought Dad made it up, but apparently not.    🙂


In the days when he was working, I’m sure Dad looked forward to wetting that whistle when the time came. Then, when he retired, it stayed a part of the routine for their more relaxed lifestyle.  To this day, I believe Dad had a built-in alarm clock that told him when it was 5:00.  A cold beer could be had by itself while mowing the lawn, but the shot and a beer — well, that would wait until 5:00.

Now, once the weather turns nice in the spring, that’s when I miss my parents the most.  My husband and I used to call them up and say “come on over for a cook-out!”  We’d sit in the backyard and have cocktails together before our steaks and baked potatoes, and my husband always made sure we had all the “right stuff” in the house for their drink of choice.   Dad would declare it to be “the best steak he’s ever had” each time, and we’d end the evening with those big bear-hugs that everyone in my family knows about.  I have warm memories of those warm weekends.

A photo like this, while it may look like just a shot and a beer with some pretzels to you, is much more than that to me.  It’s a way of making me smile, full of memories.

Thanks for stopping by my photo blog, all comments welcome!


4 thoughts on “Wet

  1. A beautiful picture and a very warm story behind your interpretation of the theme. I guess your exceptional skills at food photography spill over to ‘beverages’ too.. 🙂
    Love your composition and layout. The choice of your depth of field is amazing. The pretzels are enough in focus to be identifiable and yet not sharp enough to take attention away from your main subject.
    I also like that you got yourself a custom URL.

  2. Great story. It brings back memories of the summers I spent with my Grandma and Grandpa. Tuesday nights in our town was band concert evening. After enjoying an evening of music we would be driving back home and Grandpa would look at Grandma and say he needed to wet his whistle. They would stop at one of the local taverns have a couple of beers and talk with friends who were also out for a drink. Gret memories of those summers gone by.

  3. So funny how food & drink have such strong connections with our memories…..Thanks for sharing your story.

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