Outdoor Photography / Migrating Birds

It was fate.  The weekly theme for Outdoor Photography popped into my email box just after I had bought an annual pass to nearby Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois.  And…it was a 70 degree day, with nothing special on the calendar.  It was my first time to the arboretum in many, many years, and even though there is not that much blooming just yet, it was an astonishing place.

The front part was full of young families with strollers and kites, enjoying the beautiful day.  Picnics on the lawn, soaking up the nature and the sunshine.   Runners, joggers, walkers, bikers.   The farther-out portions of the arboretum are much more secluded, very quiet except for the chorus frogs (my gosh, they are deafening), and an exceptional place to immerse yourself in nature among the huge variety of trails.

The center part by the Visitors Center contains the manicured gardens, in their stunning perfect rows, with a children’s garden and a hedge maze that looks like a lot of fun to run through!   My photo submission for the week was taken at the lake inside the arboretum; and my focus for this photo was much more on the lines in the water behind the duck, than it was on the duck itself.  Normally I would shoot a photo leaving some room for the subject to swim ‘into’ instead of ‘out of’, but i reversed the thought this time; wanting to show the duck leaving the space with the trail he left behind.


And, some other photos from the very enjoyable afternoon.  I look forward to visiting here many times, at different seasons.


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