Numbers / Measurement

Sometimes these “numbers” challenges are really fun, and challenging to choose the right subject!  Knowing I could find most anything relating to a measurement in the kitchen, the only hard part was narrowing down what I think I could make a good photo of!

I do love food photography, and I have recently gotten “several” boxes *ahem* of Thin Mints from my Girl Scout-granddaughter, so it made sense to combine those two loves.   Cookie boxes are 9 ounces, so there’s my measurement.

There are laws regarding Thin Mints; I wonder if you know them.  The first law is that once you open a sleeve of cookies, you must eat them all at one time.  Don’t even TRY not to.  It’s the law.  Besides, you can’t help it.

The other law is that if you know they are in the cabinet, you should not avoid opening a sleeve, and following Law #1. Just eat ’em til they’re gone.  End of story.

Oh, and once I had a Girl Scout Thin Mint BLIZZARD at Dairy Queen; you know, soft-serve ice cream blended with chopped cookies. Need I say more?  It was a flavor of the month, and I was crushed when it went away.   Awesome stuff.


Thanks for stopping by my photo blog!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Numbers / Measurement

  1. Wendy, Wendy, Wendy…I am starting to wonder if we were separated at birth! I absolutely LOVE Thin Mints…and I even know and completely agree with the Thin Mint Laws. I have to admit that I once ate an entire sleeve on the drive home from work after a extremely stressful day…and I lived only a few blocks from where I worked!
    Another great job…and now I’m feeling a Thin Mint attack coming on 🙂

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