For once, I knew immediately what skill I wanted to work on for the theme.  I have been very interested in learning more about ‘vanishing point’ photography…straight, parallel lines that keep going until they appear to meet at the horizon.  Apparently endless.  My mission for this week was to create a photo that “appears” endless.

I tried the vanishing point technique last year and it was an “eh” moment for me.  Maybe my skills had to grow a little more to become seriously interested in it.  My photos first time around were spectacularly average and did not actually accomplish what I was hoping to do.  Time to try again!  My first stop was to learn which lens is going to give me what I want.  The answer is – the wide angle, which exaggerates the sense of scale.   I have the Tamron 17-55mm; couldn’t wait to use it again, as it sometimes gives me unexpected results!

The methodology for vanishing point is quite simple.  I have learned to get very close to the ground, to physically immerse myself into the subject, whether it’s railroad tracks, a road, a bridge, a fence, a field with plantings, a row of telephone poles, or a hallway.  I know to place myself in the center.  I know to point the lens either above or below the horizon, which causes the parallel, vertical lines of the path to appear as if they are converging.

I took this photo just down the street this evening during sunset, on the Illinois Prairie Path.  The path isn’t literally endless – but when I’m on my bike, it feels like it goes forever.


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