Tiffany is my favorite color.  An iconic color, and one that resonates with many people as a brand.   An iconic box or a little suede pouch, or even the blue paper bag.   Many people would take one look at the packaging,  and without even reading the label, know immediately it’s from Tiffany.

To follow that train of thought, I purposefully covered part of the letters on the box with the ribbon; knowing that the viewer may not need to see every letter in order to know what it says.  Bright backlight, with a white ribbon on a white background, serves to bring full attention forward to the Tiffany-blue gift box.

A Tiffany box will contain a very special gift.  My “event” photo is a past anniversary gift from my husband. The necklace from this box has been very well loved, and you can see the package has been handled many times.  I recall our wedding and anniversary every time I put my Tiffany necklace on; which I wear for both everyday events and special events.


I hope you enjoy my photo blog; thank you so much for stopping by.  Comments most welcome.


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