Architecture / Window Looking Out

I do not get tired of this view.  Every workday, I walk into this lobby and always take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this scene is.  For me, it looks particularly beautiful in the snow.  I took this shot yesterday morning after a surprise, late-March snowfall here in the Chicago area.  Later in the day, the walks had been shoveled and the snow had started to melt, so I’m happy I caught this with my camera early in the day.

Photographing this many lines is a challenge.  Floor tiles, curtains, window panes, the outside building, and even the couches inside all presented their own unique lines.  I knew I wanted it to appear symmetrical, but I also knew the symmetry would not be perfect, and was outside my control.  Cropping and straightening the photo was a little harder than usual, given the technical challenge of so many lines.   The lighting was a really fun trial and error for me.  I ended up metering for the light outside, and in post production brought the inside shadows up.  I added a low-opacity HDR-effect to bring up the details and even up the exposure a bit more.

Window Looking Out

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2 thoughts on “Architecture / Window Looking Out

  1. Karen, it is truly a joy to walk into this building. Even on the days when I don’t feel like going to work, this always starts me off on the right foot. Thanks for your comment.

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