So, they say it’s spring.  Seems like I should have been able to go outside and find some green in this almost-spring weather, but I am not seeing anything particularly appealing just yet. Only the same ol’ pine trees still showing off their winter-time greens.  Some of the trees and bushes have little buds, so in another week or two we will see sprouting all over the place.

And in spite of the shift over to daylight-savings time, I still am not home from work in enough time to take advantage of natural light for photography.  So, for now, shooting on Saturday to take advantage of the daylight.  I’ve been so anxious to return to it after this winter.  Won’t be long now before I can use natural light for several hours after work.

My vision was to have lots of COLOR and TEXTURES for this “green” week, and decided to make a mixed green salad, with roasted beets, goat cheese and pecans.  Seemed like those have plenty of color and texture!   The green lettuce is complemented very nicely by the dark red beets, as well as the pops of white of the cheese and the plate.  Each of the ingredients has an interesting texture as well.  I tried not to distract the eye with props, using a solid color napkin and a white plate to allow the focus to stay on the food.  A little pitcher of dressing and some beet greens round out the image.

I was hoping to convey freshness of the vegetables; and hopefully make the overall scene look very inviting to the viewer, as if you’d want to sit down, pour some dressing, pick up the fork and take a big bite.  Which is exactly what I’m going to do right now 🙂


Thanks so much for stopping by my photo blog; any comments are very welcome.


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