Self-portrait, with my back to the camera.  That’s a pretty ‘backwards’ move for me 🙂

I shoot a lot of sunsets, but rarely do I have the chance to shoot a sunrise until this week.   We got up early one day on vacation this week because we happened to be staying on the sunrise-side of the island at the time.  A very short walk from our room to the dock with the husband; a cup of coffee and a tripod in hand.  A beautiful sunrise … never fails to amaze me. It makes you just sit and watch. That’s all you do…sit…and watch.   The calm quiet of the early morning without the jet-ski’s, the boats, and the bar music, accompanied by the awe-inspiring rise of the sun over the water.


ISO 100, f/16, 1/60.  Thanks for stopping by my photo blog.


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