Architecture / Bridge


Connecting two office buildings, this foot bridge at McDonald’s Headquarters in Oak Brook, IL, really caught my eye.  The winding walkway, combined with the shadows of the railings at the time of day I was there, was striking to me.  The lake under the bridge was frozen over and all white, a beautiful winter scene.  This little walking bridge certainly does not have the dramatic architecture that some of my fellow challengers have been capturing this week…but sometimes we just need to shoot the locations right in our back yard.   I’ll shoot architecturally interesting bridges in my near future, just not this week.

DSC_2731I converted this same shot to black & white, too, and had a hard time deciding which I liked better.  I was a little afraid the design of the bridge got a little lost in the monochromatic tones, but it did find it dramatic in its own way with the leading lines.  The vanishing point seems more evident in the black & white.

DSC_27311And one other from Fullersburg Woods in Oak Brook.  I really like it but it’s more of a frozen landscape photo that includes a bridge, and I wanted the bridge to be more the focal point for this challenge.


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3 thoughts on “Architecture / Bridge

  1. Your pictures make me miss the midwest in wintertime. I always enjoyed visiting my parents in Oak Brook. I was sad when they moved away. I love your pictures!

    1. Thanks Marcy! If only the winter didn’t drag on so long, it’s always a month too long! But yes, the winter photos can be amazing, I have grown to appreciate the beauty in starkness. Don’t miss it too much, though, these below zero temps are a little hard to take…

  2. Definitely the color one. The blue shadows in the snow are awesome. Also the B&W one seems too complicated. The walkway and snow become distinct entities in color.
    Enjoy the pics each week even though I’m not great at providing feedback.

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