I knew I wanted to do a food shot this week, partly because it’s pretty easy to find food that is round, and partly because I love food photography!   Seems like half the food-world is round – cookies, biscuits, beets, tortillas, candy, meatballs, oranges, ravioli, pizza, cupcakes, potatoes….the list goes on and on.  My vision for this photo was a bright and airy simple setting, telling a story that “breakfast is ready – come n get ’em”!


Once I knew what story I wanted to tell, then the fun started – making a pleasing and appetizing photo out of this round subject I chose.  I selected a few round props to carry the biscuit shape throughout the photo – the plate, the bowl of biscuits and the jar of jam.  I lit the scene close in from the right, and farther away from the left; with no room lights.  I then elected to crop each circle in post-processing, so the 3 objects almost seem to form a connecting circle of their own.  I also desaturated the red napkin just a bit; it seemed to overtake the photo rather than compliment it.

I tried some shots that were supposed to show a pat of butter melting beautifully on the biscuit…didn’t work out so well this time….so instead I added a few messy crumbs and a dab of strawberry jam to the plate, portraying a scene where someone has already started enjoying this.  (that would be me)

ISO 100, 1/80, f/7.1 with my 50mm.  Comments most welcome; thanks for stopping by.


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