Outdoor Photo / Wind


Too bad this “wind” challenge wasn’t last Saturday…wow that wind was ferocious, and if I were brave enough I could have gotten some amazing photos that day!  Today is less windy and still very cold, so this outdoor photo shoot had to be pretty quick.


I chose a simple subject – swings – in a silhouette against the bright setting sun.  We have been having some unbelievable winter sunsets lately – the vibrant colors are astonishing, but short-lived.  I figured the swings themselves were simply not that interesting, other than being the object conveying “wind”, so I knew the sky was going to have to be the interest for this shot.

Settings —  f/10 for deep depth of field, and 1/160 shutter speed to freeze the motion, with ISO 100, on a tripod down sitting down deep in the snow.   I am trying out back-button focusing to see how I like it.  I think for me today, with the moving swings, it probably helped. From a composition standpoint,  I was a little disappointed when I got home and saw the images on my computer; the bottom of the swing is about equal to the plane of focus of the tree line, so it’s a little harder to see the shape of the swing outlined in silhouette.

Had it been a little nicer, I would have stayed and experimented some more with my composition, settings and focus…..but not today.  I could hardly wait for the warmth of my car!   🙂

Please leave a comment if you want to, I always appreciate them!  Thanks for stopping by.


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