Numbers / Prime


The many little league fields near my house have a lot of memories; I wish I would have figured out how many games I actually went to over the years.  My son started baseball at about age 7 or so,  and played all the way through school.  My husband was a coach / manager / umpire for many, many years in Little League.  So – I spent a LOT of time being the bleacher-mom, cheering everybody on.  Rain or shine, cold or hot (although not usually snow)  🙂


For this week’s challenge,  finding the prime number somewhere was the easy part.   Finding a prime number that I could make into a good photo was the hard part.   I knew I didn’t want to just snap a number on a sign and be done with it; but rather to find something that told a story; that needed no explanation.  Something  that ‘contained’ a prime number, but did not consume the shot.   Where the prime number was simply a part of the photo.

I think my entry turned out to be (hopefully) fairly self-explanatory —  Field 7, covered in snow.  Waiting for spring so baseball can start all over again.  And the many new bleacher-moms can take their rightful place while supporting their kids.

ISO 100, f/8, 1/80, +1 exposure compensation.  Purposefully very bright and low-contrast; and edited to a sketch version.  Thanks for stopping by; comments are most welcome!


2 thoughts on “Numbers / Prime

    1. Thanks Kyle. ..I know.
      The strange thing is I knew I was going to shoot either field 7 or 19 before the news even came out.

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