Outdoor Photography / Trees


I’m on a mini-vacation in Florida, so of course I chose to photograph a single palm tree in the warm weather, instead of my current stark, leafless trees of the Chicago winter.  A nice change for me, for sure!  I actually enjoy shooting the bare trees and snow of our winter, but sometimes a little warm-weather break is in order, don’t you think?!

Some palms produce coconuts, which can be an important part of a daily diet for some in the world.  Those palms that do not produce coconuts can serve different purposes as well …. the fronds, husks and leaves are used for making brooms, baskets and roofing thatch, in parts of the world.   Palms also play a significant role in cultural and religious traditions.

This particular palm tree just drew me in, the way it leaned out over the water just a little bit.  I chose to include a little of the fence line at the bottom, near the ocean, for some perspective on the height of the tree.   Using my widest angle lens, I was able to go to 17mm, looking up from the ground.  Even at that I couldn’t fit the whole tree into my shot without backing up and including objects I didn’t want in the frame.

I took this shot just before the sunset, using settings of ISO 125, 1/125s, 1/80 at 17mm.



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