Outdoor Photography / Man-Made in Nature


I’ve taken many photos at this exact site; a lovely forest preserve about 5 minutes from home.   It’s a picturesque setting throughout the seasons.  Though the sky was beautiful while setting, I felt a little “blah” about one of my favorite local places.  It might just be that I was uninspired by the trampled snow on the bridge, or that there just wasn’t enough snow to be interesting.  It might be I was freezing, and nothing looked just right to me tonight.   Or it could be the light didn’t feel very inviting.    Even the right composition wasn’t coming easily; the prettiest part of the sky didn’t allow for an angle of the bridge that I would have liked.  These are the days where the challenges are truly (wait for it…) challenging.


Finding that one piece of interesting sky, or that one pink & golden slice of reflection in the water can somehow make up for the trampled-on snow.  The thing I truly love about photo challenges is that when it  becomes difficult to find a photo you like during that week,  it’s that much more gratifying when you do come up with something “good”, even if not great.  I’ve learned to really LOOK for that special something that turns a snapshot into something better.

All comments are welcome and invited.  Thanks for stopping by.


2 thoughts on “Outdoor Photography / Man-Made in Nature

  1. Wendy, I personally like the trampled on snow on the the bridge. It adds texture which I am finding I love as it adds more dimension. Sometimes snow can just look like a big blanket of boring white…but here I like seeing the bridge peeking through.

    1. Thanks for that, Terri….someone else mentioned they thought the messy snow added to the effect of man-made vs nature as well. So, I am somewhat satisfied 🙂 But I know what you mean about texture; it adds so much to a photo sometimes.

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