The “entrance”  theme came out while I was on a warm-up trip to Florida for a few days.  After poking around a little bit in West Palm Beach, the decision on what to shoot was made easy when I saw this clock tower with a window.  I absolutely loved the beat-up feeling it had, the missing baluster, and the oval shape around the opening.  A beautiful reflection from the setting sun over the ocean didn’t hurt, either.

The tricky lighting conditions were kind of fun to work with actually.  I tried spot-metering on the sky, and separately on the much darker brick.  Neither looked right, and I didn’t have a tripod with me to set a multiple exposure.  So I went with exposing for the beautiful sky, knowing in Camera Raw I could bring out those shadows in the brick.  I was able to reduce the noise in shadows caused by the lightening with the Topaz DeNoise filter.


 Thanks for stopping by; all comments are very welcome!


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