The local playground is just 2 blocks away, a fun place for the neighborhood kids.  This particular playground was just recently torn up by the village, and replaced with all new equipment.  So it’s all in excellent condition.  I thought it might be fun to photograph one of the local playgrounds in the snow.

No people anywhere around…well, it was 7:30 in the morning, on a school day.  And it was 19 degrees.  So no big surprise I guess.

Swings 1

I set my camera settings in Manual so the exposure was technically accurate, then bumped up the exposure compensation to +7 so the snow would be bright white, with no signs of gray.  I was trying for a bleak look, empty, stark, lonely, waiting.  My vision for these photos was not of a cheery playground like you might see when the weather is good, so I opted to convert the bright colors in post to black and white, to help me achieve that mood.  I then added a blue cooling filter to all the photos for just a touch of interest and to portray cold, and bumped up the whites even a little bit more so they are almost overexposed.

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