Numbers / Less Than 10


Numbers will be one of the 4 major themes with this challenge (; and this week the theme is “less than 10”.  Not a quantity of less than 10, but actual numbers less than 10, and something other than an address.


From a photography standpoint, the challenge lies not in finding something with numbers, but in how to turn something ordinary, like tennis balls, into a great shot.  Anyone can take a snapshot of 3 tennis balls, but I pondered different techniques and skills I’ve learned in order to result in a photo better than a snapshot, using both composition and post-processing techniques.

I knew I wanted to use the rule-of-odds by using 3 balls, and wanted to incorporate lines into the photo.  A depth of field that shows every detail of the balls.  Dramatic light.  Great amounts of contrast and clarity to really make the yellow pop against the black.  I also wanted to try something new; a brush portraying a streak of motion behind the ball.  I don’t know if I love it, but it was a lot of fun trying it out.  I see how PRECISE you have to be with something like that.

So hopefully now, it’s not just a snapshot of 3 tennis balls, but one that conveys a whimsical sense of motion and shows some amount of technique as well.  A couple others below, that I also liked.


ThanDSC_1869ks for stopping by — all comments are appreciated!


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