Macro / Kitchen-Related


Continuing on my journey of learning photography in 2015.  The first theme this year from is anything macro, as long as it’s found in the kitchen.   My food photography so far has mostly been in the style of lots of light, white, airy and clean, bright.  So this darker, more contrasty and more shadowy image is a departure for me.  I’ve been liking the old baking pans for backdrops; stained and dark, lived-in, and the old stainless flatware that clearly shows lots of use, for some of my food photos.  It’s fun to try both the airy and light style, and the dark and moodier style to see which one fits the food better.

I did not use my tripod, and I probably should have.  Using my Tamron 90mm macro lens, I shot at f/11 to keep more of the peas in focus, strong light to the side and let the left side fall into shadow.  Shutter speed was 1/50 (yes handheld) and ISO 640.  Could have been a bit sharper; hindsight on the tripod.  🙂


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