Week 52 – Complete

“COMPLETELY (fill in the blank)

Delicious.  Fattening.  Decadent.  Off the diet.  Mouthwatering.  Appetizing.  Messy.   Tasty.  Delectable.  Heavenly.


I actually participated in the weekly theme for 52 weeks in a row!  Now that my first year of photo challenges is complete, I have found that one of my very favorite styles is food photography.  I just love the mountain of details to pay attention to, the food styling, the props and the lighting.  I need to consider the colors of the food and the props, what focus to use, which angle looks best, and think about the right background.   I just love that it’s actually so much harder than it looks.  Prior to this year, when I saw a food photo in a magazine, I used to think how appetizing the photo was, without considering how that photo was created.   Now I know so much more about how to actually make that photo look so scrumptious, and how to make the viewer just want to reach in and take a bite of it!  Always learning, but I know I have come a long way this year!

I like food photography so much, that I’ve actually started a new food blog;  it’s still very small but it’s building … slowly and surely.  It’s called camerainmykitchen.com and the topic of my new blog is my own recipe box.  I am randomly selecting recipes from my vast collection, making the recipe and photographing it for the blog.

My plan is to not only document recipes from family and friends that I’ve gathered over the years, but also to introduce myself to the “world” of social food blogging and photography.  As camerainmykitchen.com grows, next steps might include adding my blog and photos to Pinterest, Instagram, Google + and/or Twitter to increase my own social visibility.

Looking forward to continuing on with my weekly photo challenges, and continuing to document the never-ending learnings of photography with this blog as well.

Happy new year, and may 2015 be your best year yet.



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